Open Scores Lab composers on BBC Radio 3

October 17, 2017 - Uncategorized

Three pieces by Lab members Caitlin Rowley, Luke Nickel and James Saunders were presented last weekend as part of BBC Radio 3’s Why Music? The Key to Memory series at the Wellcome Collection. Caitlin’s Aides Memoire was performed by Bastard Assignments, framing memories evoked by her personal field recordings accompanied by live photography of the performance space. Parkinson Saunders performed James’s in which one thing depends on another,  which requires the performers to make associations between sounds and words, testing each other in a supportive manner as the complexity of the task increases. Their set also included a new piece by recent Bath Spa PhD graduate, Canadian composer Luke Nickel. Luke’s Transcribing was trialled in the Open Scores Lab the week before, and involves Tim and James making live transcriptions of a previous conversation, with the looping audio and projection of the typed text enabling the audience to trace their responses.

The whole concert was broadcast live by BBC Radio 3 for Hear and Now, presented by Kerry Andrew. The programme is currently available on BBC iPlayer.

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