We are very active as a research group, and the list below shows recent and upcoming events within the University, and externally, including seminars, conferences, performances, and broadcasts.


01-03.05.23: Misha Penton. Temporal Duets. 2023 SpokenWeb Research Symposium: Reverb: Echo-Locations of Sound and Space. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. . In collaboration with Dr Shannon Holmes.

23.03.23: Maria Maltezou, The Work is the Space: Generating Conversations through Music and Sound Installations, Middlesex University.

14.04.23: James Saunders,  imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent, Akademie für Tonkunst/Ensemble Rot, Institut für Neue Musik Darmstadt

24.03.23: James Saunders,  it is really hard to focus when there are too many things to do, Norwegian Academy of Music students/Håkon Thalin, Munchmuseet, Oslo.

29.01.23: James Saunders,  performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed, Spiel! Games as Critical Practice, Basel, Switzerland


7-8.10.22. Misha Penton and Shannon Holmes. ‘Digital Vocality: Listening, Personal Narrative, and the Liminal Spaces Between the Live and Mediated Voice’. Great Lakes Association for Sound Studies (GLASS): Listening as a Shared and Social Practice. University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Hybrid Conference.

7-10.06.22: Misha Penton, Digital Vocality. New Work Development & Pedagogy Workshop in collaboration with Dr Shannon Holmes. University of Regina, Canada, departments of theatre and music.

22.01.22: Elliot Simpson, Illusion [paper]. New Mimesis: simulation, models, metaphors and data in music. Canterbury Christ Church University.

22.01.22: Goni Peles, ScoreCraft [paper and demo]. New Mimesis: simulation, models, metaphors and data in music. Canterbury Christ Church University.

15.02.22: James Saunders, Participatory Decision-Making as Compositional Process [paper]. Rethinking Participatory Processes Through Music, University of Huddersfield [online].


13.11.21: James Saunders: it is the behaviour that a system tends towards and encourages that needs to be understood, KNM Berlin, KNM Berlin Campus Ensemble, CoMA Allcomers Orchestra, Bethanien, Berlin.

21.08.21-30.08.21: Caitlin Rowley (Kaths Kaff), WALKS 5-12, Electric Medway [online]

21.08.21-30.08.21: Caitlin Rowley, Haydn Space Opera, Electric Medway [online]

26.06.21: Goni Peles (with Harry Matthews, Caitlin Rowley, Cameron Graham and James Saunders), Scorecraft (paper presentation/workshop), Networked Collaborative Processes (Music and/as Process) conference, online.

25.06.21: Caitlin Rowley and Josh Spear, paper presentation, Networked Collaborative Processes (Music and/as Process) conference, online.

15.06.21: Harry Matthews, Panel discussion with Question journal at the SWW DTP research festival, Online

08-9.06.21: Harry Matthews, I’m smelling what you’re cooking workshop with Plus-Minus Ensemble, Turner Sims, Southampton

02.06.21: Harry Matthews, Performance of some ph(r)ased repetitions performed by Jane Chapman, Hornman Museum, London

27.05.21: James Saunders, guided sequence #1 (with Grace and Sophia), Parkinson Saunders, / iklecktik, [online performance]

27.05.21: James Saunders, making a choice and then making another choice, Parkinson Saunders, / iklecktik, [online performance]

26.05.21: Vassilis Chatzimakris, Activity, Time, and Space in the Performance of Interfacial Scores, paper presentation, SMI-ICTM Plenary Conference, Ireland [online]

26.05.2021. Misha Penton. (micro)Requiem. Classical:NEXT Encore Programme, Online.

26.05.2021. Caitlin Rowley (Bastard Assignments). Lockdown Jams. Classical:NEXT Encore Programme, Online.

25.05.21: Harry Matthews, Sound and Mind: Listening and Meditation Workshop with Benny Henning, Bath Spa University

10.05.21-16.06.21: Caitlin Rowley, Haydn Space Opera, SparkFest [online]

15.03.21: James Saunders, people do things apart, The Assembled, University of York, online performance.

24.02.21: LAB 42 | Leo Chadburn

17.02.21: LAB 41 | Hardi Kurda

31.01.21: James Saunders, lots and lots for us to do, SANS; duo, online.

26.01.21: LAB 40 | Liza Lim

20.01.21: LAB 39 | Tom Johnson

06.01.21: LAB 38 | Cathy Lane


16.12.20: Misha Penton. Guest artist: The Juilliard School. Speaking of Music, in faculty member Greg Sandow’s class.

09.12.20: LAB 37 | Cat Hope

02.12.20: LAB 36 | Thor Magnusson

21.11.20: Misha Penton. Guest artist: University of Houston Honors College. An Evening with Honors

18.11.20: LAB 35 | Michael Maierhof

11.11.20: LAB 34 | Aaron Cassidy

26.10.20: Misha Penton, (micro)Requiem. 6-movement video series. Online.

07.10.20: LAB 33 | Ryoko Akama

30.09.20: LAB 32 | Laurence Crane

17.08.20: Misha Penton, Micro Operas. 11-part video series. Online.

19.02.20: LAB 31 | Amnon Wolman

22.01.20: LAB 30 | Matthew Sergeant, James Saunders


11.12.19: LAB 29 | Martijn Tellinga

05.12.19, Cameron Graham, New Work, ZHDK Zurich

27.11.19: LAB 28 | Davide Tidoni

20.11.19: LAB 27 | Rie Nakajima

13.11.19: LAB 26 | Christopher Williams

11.10.19: Caitlin Rowley, Quiet Songs, City Lit Theatre, London

10.10.19: Caitlin Rowley, Quiet Songs, City Lit Theatre, London

09.10.19: LAB 25 | Harry Matthews

13-15.09.19: Oogoo Maia, Games for Musicians and Non-Musicians, daily workshops/performances, CAMP Mountain Music Festival, Aulus-les-Bains (France)

13.09.19: Oogoo Maia, Communio, for piano, CAMP Mountain Music Festival, Aulus-les-Bains (France)

23.08.19: Caitlin Rowley, Community of Objects, Current Resonance, Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark

15.06.19 Caitlin Rowley Quiet Songs, Britten Studio, Snape Maltings

01-04.08.19. Misha Penton. Developing Educational Resources and Dialogue Entre. Collaboration with dancer & choreographer Meg Brooker. Isadora Duncan International Symposium. The Place. London UK.

22.07.19, Cameron Graham, Residency Creation, South France

24.06 – 08.02.19 — Misha Penton. Enchant(ed): an experimental vocal film. Art at the Alison Richard Building. Cambridge Summer Open. University of Cambridge.

24-30.06.19. Misha Penton. Dialogue Entre—Deux. Collaboration with dancer & choreographer Meg Brooker. Dancestry: Shay Ishii Dance Company. Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin, TX USA.

24.06.19, Cameron Graham, 9 Snapshots of Joy, Turner Sims Southampton

12.06.19 Caitlin Rowley, dot drip line line 8918: EDGE, Periferien, Bruket, Grønland, Norway

25.05.19, Cameron Graham/Colin Roche, Encounters, Les Limbes Gallery, St. Étienne

24.05.19 and 19-23.06.19: Misha Penton. Breath and Bone. Film and score by Misha Penton. Experimental dance film with dancer & choreographer Neil Ellis Orts. EnCore Dance on Film Festival: Decatur Arts Festival Atlanta, GA & Barnstorm Dance Fest Houston, TX USA.

23.05.19 Caitlin Rowley, dot drip line line 8918: EDGE, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge

22.05.19 Caitlin Rowley, dot drip line line 8918: EDGE, Backstage Theatre at Mountview, London

19.05.19. Misha Penton. Banshee / Afterlife. Fixed media audio for live performance by clarinetist Boja Kragulj. The International Society for Improvised Music. Minneapolis, MN USA.

17.05.19 Caitlin Rowley, Quiet Songs (work in progress performance), Peter Pears Recital Room, Snape Maltings

15.05.19: Oogoo Maia, Three pieces from Games for Musicians and Non-Musicians, James McIllwrath, Amok Platform, Stained Glass Centre, York.

11.05.19: James Saunders, surfaces, Matt Hannafin, Joan Truckenbrod Gallery, Corvallis, Oregon

10.05.19 Caitlin Rowley, dot drip line line 8918: EDGE, SPOR Festival, Åbne Scene – Godsbanen, Aarhus, Denmark

08.05.19: LAB 24 | Marcus Kaiser

23.04.19 Alex Mah, Emerge on Main Concert, Fox Cabaret, Vancouver

12.04.19 Caitlin Rowley, dot drip line line 8918: EDGE, VirtuallyReality, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester

10.04.19, Cameron Graham, Comfort Objects, Richter Moscow

06.04.19: Goni Peles, Solo, Performance by Eylon Weitzman, Amir Weitzman, and Bar Levy, ‘this is what happens when you play with electricity’, HaTeiva, Jaffa, Israel

03.04.19: LAB 23 | Paul Whitty, Matthew Sergeant

30.03.19-10.04.19, Cameron Graham, Contact Results in Contagion, Solyanka Gallery Moscow

23-24.03.19 Alex Mah, A New Work, Boombox, Vancouver

22.03.19: James Saunders, constant interchange of the most various kinds, EXAUDI, Milton Court, London

15-29.03.19: Cameron Graham, solo exhibition (time-based installation, 10 prepared record players, film, electronics, object assemblages, live performers), Solyanka VPA Gallery, Moscow

14.03.19: Matthew Sergeant The Velvet Rage, Trio Atem, Cosmo Rodewald Hall, Manchester

18.03.19: James Saunders, we tell each other what to do but always listen to you, KMN Berlin / KMN Campus Ensemble, Podewil, Berlin.

06.03.19: LAB 22 | Maya Verlaak, Goni Peles

19.02.19: Harry Matthews, OUT-TAKE Ensemble, Performance of Joe Manghan’s It Wasn’t All Yellow (2018), A Space Arts, Southampton

13.02.19: LAB 21 | Emmanuelle Waeckerlé

06.02.19: Harry Matthews, OUT-TAKE Ensemble, Performance of Ben Jameson’s Silent Doom Disco (2017), AMOK, York

06.02.19: Oogoo Maia, On Light and Darkness, Amok Platform, York Stained Glass Centre.

29.01.19: Misha Penton, Visible Darkness, Inter Arts Center, Lund University, Malmö, Sweden.

27.01.19 Caitlin Rowley, Community of Objects, Score Club, The NOWnow Festival, Sydney, Australia

26.01.19-03.03.19: James Saunders, with paper, Phonemes, Hafnarborg Centre of Culture and Fine Art, Iceland.

09.01.19: LAB 20 | Michael Wolters, James Saunders


07.12.18 Harry Matthews, actively listening to me, OUT-TAKE Ensemble, Café Kino, Bristol

05.12.18: LAB 19 | Andy Ingamells

24.11.18: James Saunders, you are required to split your attention between multiple sources of information, Arditti Quartet and Ensemble Modern, Wien Modern, Vienna, Austria

24.11.18: James Saunders, interspersed sometimes with weeds and brambles, Minguet Quartet, Wien Modern, Vienna, Austria

20.11.18 Harry Matthews, actively listening to me, OUT-TAKE Ensemble, The Harrison, London

14.11.18: LAB 18 | Thomas Meadowcroft

14.11.18 Harry Matthews, actively listening to me, OUT-TAKE Ensemble, A Space Arts, Southampton

19.10.18 Alex Mah & Lyon Hansen, New Scores for Duo, Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen

14.10.18: James Saunders, it is impossible for everyone to achieve everything they want, Nadar Ensemble Summer Academy, Transit Festival, Leuven

03.10.18: LAB 17 | Laura Bowler, Alex Mah, Harry Matthews

03.10.18: Caitlin Rowley, Community of Objects, INOPPORTUNE, New Zealand School of Music, Wellington, New Zealand

22.09.18: James Saunders, everybody do this, KMN Berlin, CoMA Slap On, St. John’s Smith Square, London

13.09.18: James Saunders, everybody do this, Dganit Elyakim, Nick Acorne, Valerio Zanini, The Sound of Sound, John Ogilvie Haus, Graz