The Open Scores Lab meets on the first Wednesday of every month in term time from 12-4pm. The first half (12-2pm) focuses on developing work by group members, including showing work and trying out new pieces, working papers, and discussion. The second half features work presented by one of our visiting speakers.

We will announce the 2017-18 programme for labs 9-16 in the autumn.

2016-17: Labs 1-8

Lab 1: Wednesday 5 October, 12-4pm, CM131
Michael Winter: Over 300 years ago, Leibniz predicted many current trends in music: a lecture / performance
Louis d’Heudieres: Laughter Studies 2
Luke Nickel: translation and sonification of hidden musical devices using speaking performers.

Lab 2: Wednesday 2 November, , 12-4pm [12-2pm, CM131 / 2-4pm CM225]
Cassandra Miller: Transcribing, translating, and singing-along
James Saunders: Associating sounds, words and objects
Matthew Robertson: Recent sound poetry

Lab 3: Wednesday 7 December, 12-4pm, CM131
David Pocknee
Andrew Hugill

Lab 4: Wednesday 11 January, 12-4pm, CM131
Jennifer Walshe
Robert Luzar
Oogoo Maia

Lab 5: Wednesday 1 February, 12-4pm, CM108
Matthew Shlomowitz
Alex Glyde-Bates
Ben Jameson

Lab 6: Wednesday 8 March, 12-4pm, CM108
Peter Ablinger
Caitlin Rowley
Vassilis Chatzimakris

Lab 7: Wednesday 5 April, 12-4pm, CM108
Cathy von Eck
Louis d’Heudieres
Oogoo Maia
James Saunders

Lab 8: Wednesday 3 May, 12-4pm, CM108
Tim Parkinson
Roger Clarke