Amnon Wolman appointed as Visiting Research Fellow

June 26, 2017 - Uncategorized

We’re really pleased to announce that Amnon Wolman will be a Visiting Research Fellow in the lab from January-April 2018. Amnon will be developing his work on scores that investigate memory and imaginary sound during his residency. He says ‘In the last fifteen years my research-based music composition focused the use of text to initiate musical memories in the listener alongside performed sounds. At the core of this research is an assumption that the final composition heard by the listener is unique and composed in her mind based on the sounds presented to her by the composer. It seems to me, that each of us listens to music differently, draws diverse connections between the sounds presented and creates a personal ebb and flow from the music presented, thus fashioning, in fact, a unique piece of music that we individually hear.’ His project with the lab will include pieces where a text of suggestions for additional sounds is projected on a screen next to the performers, and pieces for ensembles where the musicians are also asked to verbally suggest additional sounds to the listener.

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