Caitlin Rowley broadcast on BBC Radio 3

October 1, 2016 - Uncategorized

Caitlin Rowley‘s Fortune Favours the Brave was broadcast on Hear and Now last weekend. It was part of a programme curated by Bastard Assignments, the London-based cross-arts collective that she works with. Caitlin’s piece for flute and objects was played by Jenni Hogan and uses a crafted silk and rice paper hand scroll that the performer works through, making decisions about which sections to perform as she proceeds. Caitlin discussed the piece with presenter Tom McKinney (starting at 39’00), talking about the strategies she used for destabilising the breath control of the flautist.

In addition to presenting Caitlin’s work, the interviews with Bastard Assignments consider the changes in new music events that have emerged in the last couple of years, with groups like 840 and Open Scores Lab member Louis d’Heudieres’ Weisslich developing new bespoke approaches to programming.

Caitlin joins the Lab in October 2016 when she begins her PhD, supervised by James Saunders and Robert Luzar.

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