We are very active as a research group, and the list below shows recent and upcoming events within the University, and externally, including seminars, conferences, performances, and broadcasts.


23.04.19 Alex Mah, Emerge on Main Concert, Fox Cabaret, Vancouver

23-24.03.19 Alex Mah, A New Work, Boombox, Vancouver

22.03.19: constant interchange of the most various kinds, EXAUDI, Milton Court, London

07.12.18 Harry Matthews, actively listening to me, OUT-TAKE Ensemble, Café Kino, Bristol

05.12.18: LAB 19 | Andy Ingamells

24.11.18: James Saunders, you are required to split your attention between multiple sources of information, Arditti Quartet and Ensemble Modern, Wien Modern, Vienna, Austria

24.11.18: James Saunders, interspersed sometimes with weeds and brambles, Minguet Quartet, Wien Modern, Vienna, Austria

20.11.18 Harry Matthews, actively listening to me, OUT-TAKE Ensemble, The Harrison, London

14.11.18: LAB 18 | Thomas Meadowcroft

14.11.18 Harry Matthews, actively listening to me, OUT-TAKE Ensemble, A Space Arts, Southampton

19.10.18 Alex Mah & Lyon Hansen, New Scores for Duo, Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen

14.10.18: James Saunders, it is impossible for everyone to achieve everything they want, Nadar Ensemble Summer Academy, Transit Festival, Leuven

03.10.18: LAB 17 | Laura Bowler, Alex Mah, Harry Matthews

03.10.18: Caitlin Rowley, Community of Objects, INOPPORTUNE, New Zealand School of Music, Wellington, New Zealand

22.09.18: James Saunders, everybody do this, KMN Berlin, CoMA Slap On, St. John’s Smith Square, London

13.09.18: James Saunders, everybody do this, Dganit Elyakim, Nick Acorne, Valerio Zanini, The Sound of Sound, John Ogilvie Haus, Graz