bsu-logo-for-facebook-researchOpen Scores Lab is a research group based in the College of Liberal Arts at Bath Spa University, directed by James Saunders. The Lab functions as an environment in which creative practitioners can experiment with new approaches to scoring, working with colleagues in other disciplines to support their research. It brings together: composers and artists whose practice includes making open scores in different media; performers who are experienced in realising open scores in performance; graphic designers who focus on the visual display and communication of information; creative computing specialists who explore networked processes and interactive systems; other researchers in related disciplines where there is a common interest in scoring and communicating instructions. The work of the Lab is to develop new approaches to scoring, and consequently to develop new modes of music making. This takes place through monthly meetings and a series of focused projects that deal with a specific aspect of score making.

If you are interested in joining the Lab as a PhD student, please see our PhD page.